Ways of Seeing

In Ways of Seeing by John Berger, the author tells the reader that there is a difference from: how we see things, and what we know. After reading this, my mind felt like it exploded. Several questions popped into my head: was I fool from people’s perspectives on certain events throughout history? Was my own perspective based on someone’s biased knowledge or belief? I was quite angry in all honestly, I felt like its unfair for just one person to document what they see, then they just go beyond that, for all I know the person doesn’t know all of the information. But I know I can’t really do anything, besides wonder what really goes on throughout our history that the books don’t tell us. All I know is perception is very important, because what we see in our eyes might be different to another’s person eyes.

While I was thinking of what to post: I realized in my Psychology 101 class I took last semester that my professor, a wonderful great human being, commented on this situation as well. He said our perspective is most likely seen in a “white man’s” point of view. Clearly at the time I honestly wasn’t listening, and was on my phone. I really wondered if society is “brained washed” into thinking for the people rather than people thinking for themselves. If you look at it, children go to school, they’re told how things were never questioned a thing because it’s history, it doesn’t relate or effect us on our current day life. So we ignore what the book tells us, and subconsciously put the information in our head. We just accept what we hear, rather than questioning.

Everyone see’s things in a different view point. Seeing things is different than experiencing things. For example, you can google “Las Vegas Strip,” and see a bunch of pictures from Las Vegas or see other’s experiences which can modify how you see, but if actually coming to Las Vegas, it’s completely different because you’re experiencing things in your own way not by what someone’s telling you. You can make your own observation.

I’m honestly convinced that my perception has been altered, and modified to look at the past a certain way. Since I wasn’t even born during most of the major events in history I can conclude that I basically have been looking at an altered history. Which makes me honestly mad because I like to know what actually happened throughout our history as a country. We honestly can’t trust everything, just because there’s a book, website, etc. stating “facts” doesn’t mean they’re actually true.





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