Language in League of Legends

Q: What’s a world without language?

A: No one would understand one another.

Focus: League of Legends

Most of my life, I have been an online gamer; I’ve started to play p/c games since 2004. P/C Gamers, such as myself, have our own unique language when we play online games. It obviously depends which game you’re playing, but most online gamers would know what you’re trying to say, because a lot of the times people use the same saying. Recently, for the past 3-4 years, I have been playing League of Legends.


LoL is an MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena game. There are different gaming types, but the primary is PvP (person vs person). The concept of this game type is basically get to the other team’s base, and destroy their nexus (which is the goal to win). I will try to explain everything in the easiest way possible.



This is Summoner’s Rift. It’s the primary map to battle other players. Between the bases at each corner, and covering the majority of the map are the lanes and jungle. The lanes are pathways that are stretched across the whole map. These lanes are referred to as: top-lane, middle-lane, and bottom lane. Everything in between is called the jungle. The jungle is a complex system of trees and pathways that snake around the lanes. The jungle is home to different monsters that will not attack unless if messed with.


Each team has 5 players, each person has 1 role: Top-lane, Mid-lane, Attack Damage Carry, Support, and Jungle. There are many different champions to choose from, which all have unique capabilities to suit for each lane. Each champion is catagorized as 1 of the 5 different roles. There are “weapons” also called a build, but the champion doesn’t actually use it. It’s basically to enhance or add a special ability to the champion.



League of Legends players use their own language because, well if you want all honestly, it just makes it easier for the players to communicate among one another, if you’re already not using Skype or Discord. But most of the time, you’ll be playing with random people selected when searching for a party.

Here’s some of the words frequently used: (not all)

Top: Top lane

Mid: Middle lane

Bot: Bottom lane

GLHF: Good Luck & Have Fun

AFK: Away from keyboard

DC: Disconnected

Fed: to have an unusually exceptional score (kills)

OOM: Out of Mana


The players in each game will most likely say those terms while selecting a champion or already in game. The people who use these languages don’t really misuse, distort, or redefine the terms, because the gamer’s already know, if not someone will explain to the new player. Other’s just go along with the terms, because honestly it makes it easier to communicate among other players without wasting time typing or explaining what you want to say. It makes player’s have better communication, and still have time to enjoy the game. The league community actually has really nice people, with some exceptions of course, the audience varies from among different kinds of people. People who are new to the game usually has a couple of players from their team explain what the phrases mean, and how to successfully win the game. I’m honestly not sure how these phrases where originated but I feel like their from common sense, and someone was just lazy to type out the whole word or phrase. The language among the gamers are just easy to get, and not to complex so everyone can have a wonderful gaming experience. I love playing league to distress from stressful days, some can say otherwise. However, the gaming community is actually honestly really interesting, and it amazes me how people from all over the world can come together, and enjoy a simple game.


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