Media Changes Perception

Perception: Complex process by which people select, organize, and interpret sensory stimulation into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world.

Our perception of the world; how a person sees things in his/her own eyes makes us individuals, and different from one another. We have our own morals, values and opinions. Our perception may be completely different than others around us. Preception is very important whether you realize that or not, it influences decision making, how a person will perceive things in their life, and how a person behaves towards a situation.

In the passage, “Perception in Mass Media,”  tells the reader that without subconsciously knowing we are influenced by everything a person takes in by experiencing his/her own life. Our brain is not capable of processing, and understanding the world around among ourselves, but only focusing on the person’s self.

How does media influence our perspective?

I’ve always known the media tries to influence people’s decisions, and how they percieve things. Whether it’s through social media or news, people’s perspective always change whether you realize it or not. For example, whenever I’m bored at home: I go through my social media feed, I always see how people try to influence others to see their own way in seeing things. Usually people try to switch words around, put something out of context, and sometimes due to different people’s opinions they lose the original context. When the original content is found the reader can make his/her own assumptions about the article, then start to influence others in their own way.

Perception & Information Processing

“Perception involves a stimulus assigned to a certain category on basis of information that is incomplete” “Information Processing is conception of human congintion modeled after the modern high-speed computer. Including structures for storing information, information transferred from one structure to another.” Perception and Information Processing are different because, perception basically like seeing something in our point of view. Information Processing is storing information and decoding the information in your head.

Schema Theory

“In a nutshell, a schema is a cognitive structure consisting of organized knowl- edge about situations and individuals that has been abstracted from prior experiences. It is used for processing new information and retrieving stored information” (Graber, 1988, p. 28) Schema helps people to understand how others process many new stories. It appears that the person attempts to match information in a new story to some existing schema, by searching different strategies. If found the same, they are stored in the form of modified  schema. If not found, the information is likely to pass.

Subliminal Messaging

One of the most heavily studied aspects of perception. Subliminal Messaging is basically just hinting someone over and over again to influence their behavior, actions, and perspective. Studies were done by simply flashing words on screens every few seconds, and the sales of the word that was flashing increased.

Perception of Pictures

Pictures and images are obviously ways to add affective or emotional arousal or representations of what a person is trying to comprehend. They are used to communicate in more complex ways, that tries to add a more powerful message than a simple statement. People react to pictures and images more better than an actual passage itself. Adding a picture of image can only make the passage, article or essay more powerful.



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