Personal Writing History

There are multiple reasons for one to write, whether it be the rhetoric of a lawyer defending his client in the courtroom, educating others such as greek philosopher Aristotle, or in modern times even to leave a short comment on a Youtube video or Instagram picture. I have found that i write for the latter reason being social media the most. In todays age not only writing on the page of another person but putting out content that demands the comments of others on a website such as youtube or Instagram has become a full career for many individuals. I personally have built and sold many accounts which were based off of a simple computer program which would leave witty and thoughtful comments on the pages of other socialites online in order to build gatherings and then to sell the account once it becomes large enough. This enables the buyer to reach out to others and further develop a network of essentially people writing leaving like sharing thoughts and giving feedback to the new account owners while also bringing myself a steady stream of income which has allowed me to stay at home and pursue other things while in school to further find myself. Writing also has a certain intimacy to it that speaking seems to lack at times. I find that for any formal situation in which I want to be taken seriously writing is more often than not the only way to establish a professional or even romantic relationship. When applying for a job what is the first thing that is mentioned during an interview? Your resume which is a a written record of your many accomplishments up until this point of your career. This form of writing provides a short and sweet overview of your accomplishments while also structuring things in a manner which is coherent for others to scan through briefly without taking up too much time. My earliest experiences with writing which I found enjoyable were mainly outside of the classroom on a popular video game I played during my late elementary and early middle school days called MapleStory. This video game didn’t allow for verbal communication and therefore every action in game that involved collaboration with other players had to be executed through written commands which were central to the success of your team completing party quests together. I also specialize in a very different form of writing which still involves a large amount of communication and that is writing music. Every section of a song has to be written with a specific goal in order and a specific audience which it will be aimed at. I also have to make sure that each part of the song harmonizes with each other creating an overall sense of unity for whoever my current listener is. For me the ability to communicate with other people or artists without having to use spoken word is truly a magical experience. When two people can collaborate on a song based purely on feeling and emotion its almost like the truest, no the purest form of communication that can be shared between two people. When collating musically it is impossible for one person to per say lie to the other person because everything is simply happening in the moment and all based of of pure emotion or feel of the song. This is known as harmony which I referred too early and that sense of unity is essentially no different then the requirement that essays have to be logical, in chronological order, and coherent.  The social and personal impacts of writing are what I believe to be the easiest tangible examples to demonstrate, think of a man like Martin Luther King gathering his words on paper before presenting them as a speech to thousands of people gather them together in order to fight for the same cause such as I mentioned previously in the game Maple story but obviously on a much larger scale. What are the results of this type of writing? The first is Social Change, look at the rights granted to African Americans and other minority which started with one man in a room writing his ideas down or look at our US a written document that holds the upmost amount of power in our country guaranteeing the rights of individuals and setting the precedent for new social issues and how they are handled hundreds of years after it was written. Writing is simply communication and without communication we are lost and out of touch with our peers and anyone else who can read obviously!


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